The Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was organized in May 1929 with the charter membership of 11 ladies.  The purpose of this organization is to assist the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department in its civic and financial activities.


Become A Member Of The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary
The Laurel Auxiliary is looking for new members. The Maryland Tax Incentive Program provides $3,500 in tax deductions on the state level for members of the Auxiliary. You must first be a member for three years and maintain membership with 50 points to qualify for this deduction. Please come join us to support the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department. Click here to print out a membership application.


Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Officers for 2012


President: May-Lynn Bayles

Vice President: Cathy Thaxton

Secretary: Stacey Pearcy

Treasurer: Marlene Collins

Asst. Secretary: Susan Fricke

Asst. Treasurer: Sue Frost

Chaplain: Nancy Burdge

Asst. Chaplain: Judi Winesdorfer

Historian: Marsha Grimes

Color Guard: Rosa Maher

Color Bearer: Winnie Heltibridle

Color Bearer: Bert Rushing


Membership Roster for the Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department


Life Members (20 + years)

Regular Membership

May Lynn Bayles

Pamela Bayles

Nancy Burdge 

Marlene Collins

Cindy Gray

Irene Duff

Marsha Grimes

Susan Fricke

Kristi Harmon

Sue Frost

Betty Leishear

Jaclyn Grimes

Mabel Litchfield

Michelle Healy

Gloria Lovell

Winnie Heltibridle

Rosa Maher

Barbara Myers Howe

Maria McCoy

Ann Kelly

Marian Nicholson               

Nancy Mabry

Gail North

Sharon Mitchell

Olga Owens

Stacey Pearcy

Pauline Reel

Bert Rushing

Barbara Sellner

Katy Scherer

Grace Stanton

Judith Winesdorfer

Cathy Thaxton

Janice Zook


 Honorary Members

Bill Bayles
Flo Collins
Tom Collins
Robert (Pop) Grant
Joan Robison
The membership of the Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for organizing and tracking rentals for the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department. If you or someone you know is looking to rent a room for a party, company meeting or anything in between, please contact Janice Zook at 301-725-1862 for more information. To rent the Hall for a party, the cost is $150.00 per hour with an an additional $75.00 cleaning fee and an additional $200.00 deposit which is refundable. To rent the Hall for a meeting, the cost is $50.00 for every 2 hours. The hall holds 80-100 people, but 100 people is the maximum! The kitchen is not available for public use with the rental. Everyone who rents the hall must be off the property by 12 midnight.