On December 23, the LVFD took delivery of a 2008 International MedTech ambulance.  The ambulance was a "demo" unit shipped from the west coast for our purchase.  The unit was repainted to add red to the original solid white paint scheme and lettered. The unit was purchased from Atlantic Emergency Solutions,
     On January 7, 2011 Ambulance 108, was inspected and certified by MIEMSS, through the VAIP program. The Voluntary Ambulance Inspection Program (VAIP) serves to formally recognize, and make readily apparent to the public, those emergency response vehicles in Maryland that are equipped to a standard of excellence as defined by the MIEMSS guidelines.
     LVFD was issued the seal of excellence, for A108 which is proudly displayed on the exterior of the ambulance.
     A108 was officially placed in service with PGFD on January 19th, 2011. At 2206, January 19th, Ambulance 108 took its first call. The call was handled by FF/EMT Clive Monnity and FF/EMT Fred Miller.