About Us



     The idea of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1898 after a fire on Main Street in which 12 buildings, along with the Presbyterian Church, were destroyed. Following in the footsteps of that fire, the City Council worked on the necessary legislation and a constitution and by-laws where written and four years later the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was born. Orginally there were 3 companies in the Laurel proper; one at 8th and Montgomery, one at 5th and Montgomery and one on Washington Blvd by the Little Tavern. The first Fire Chief was David M. Fischer.


     It wasn't until 1935 that the Company consolidated into one location at the Old Phelps and Shaffer store on 9th and Montgomery. With much needed growing room, the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department moved, in 1954, across the street to the old Laurel Elementary School No. 1. Today, the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department is housed on the corner of Cherry Lane and Van Dusen Road, in a building that they moved into in October of 1990. The current building contains offices, a gym, a kitchen, meeting rooms and bunk rooms for male and female fire fighters.